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Micro Channel Evaporator Coils

Airtech® Micro Channel Evaporator Coils.

We’re excited to introduce new micro channel evaporator coil technology to our line of air cooled heat exchangers. Using flat micro channel tubes with highly efficient louvered fins, our all-aluminum micro channel evaporator coils provide a high level of thermal performance at a low air-side pressure drop.

Used in conjunction with our existing line of micro channel condensers, these coils can be utilized in both conventional HVAC and heat pump applications that require reversing between condensing (heating) and evaporating (cooling). Lightweight and robust, the micro channel evaporator coils provide the latest technology to the HVAC industry.

Performance notes.

  • All-aluminum brazed construction with protected copper transition connections for conventional solder attachment
  • Improved efficiency to meet higher SEER requirements
  • Lower refrigerant charge levels and greater cost savings due to the smaller internal volume
  • Reduced weight versus the conventional tube and fin products
  • Better corrosion resistance with aluminum alloys
  • Longer life span than conventional (bi-metal) RTPF tube and fin coils
  • Less leak potential due to all joints being furnace brazed (compared to the 50-plus manually brazed joints on conventional tube and fin coils)
  • Easier cleaning with a pressure washer
  • Field repairable with two-part epoxies
  • Available in straight core, A-coil, and 180-degree formed coil designs


  • Transportation (A/C and refrigeration)
  • Residential (A/C air handlers and heat pumps)
  • Commercial (rooftops and packaged systems)