Frac Pumper Cube Cooling Module

API Heat Transfer now offers a line of frac pumper cooling modules in a cube configuration for applications that require a lighter, more compact cooling package than our standard horizontal units.

These modules are made with aluminum heat exchanger technology and feature critical design enhancements that greatly improve maintenance, including a large cab-side access door for on-site cleaning.

Turnkey Cooling Solutions.

  • 20% lighter in weight than traditional horizontal units
  • All-aluminum cooling modules
  • Laser-cut, high-strength steel framework
  • Custom designed cab-side door for easy access maintenance
  • Plumbing of ancillary coolers to internal bulkhead
  • Available in both three-point and four-point mounting options
  • Complete standard black powder coat of all steel, with custom colors available
  • Improved design for ease of cleaning the heat exchanger cores from the outside or inside

Engine Cooling Systems

API Heat Transfer is your global source for engine cooling solutions. We’re equipped to offer unparalleled engine cooling performance to meet the rigorous requirements of mobile and industrial customers worldwide.

We offer an array of internal and external fin configurations that produce some of the most efficient air-cooled heat exchange cores in the industry, so your engine has more power to perform, even under the harshest conditions.

We focus our engineering expertise on the markets you serve. By understanding your customer applications, we’re able to offer a broad spectrum of components and complete engine cooling systems designed to fit the needs of engine markets across the world.

Our technologies.

API Heat Transfer offers the broadest, most complete air-cooled product lines available.

  • CAB or vacuum-brazed aluminum
    • Bar-plate
    • Micro-channel
    • Tube and header
    • TBAR
  • Copper-brass
    • Mechanical-bond
    • Soldered
    • Bolted tank

Sand-Blast Grids

API Heat Transfer has developed a line of Covrad sand-blast grids that are made to protect your cooling package investment. Sand-blast grids consist of a steel hexagonal inter-locking matrix that mounts between the radiator core and the blower fan, protecting the core from “sand-blast erosion” in harsh environments.


  • Robust patented construction with mechanically interlocking tabs
  • Cost effective solution to extend service life of cooling package
  • Includes Steel “U-Edging” welded around the perimeter of the grid
  • Mounting provisions designed to match any radiator
  • Custom designed to fit any radiator size & configuration
  • Designed to minimize space required…only 0.50” deep
  • Can easily be retrofitted into existing installations
  • Durable EDP coating


  • Absorbs impact/energy of fan-propelled particles before they contact core
  • Protects core from erosion resulting from sand abrasion
  • Very low external static resistance to cooling air flow


  • Negligible effect on cooling airflow
  • Eliminates high proportion of “sandblasting” erosion of radiator core in blower fan applications
  • Extends useful life of radiator compared to unprotected cores
  • Eliminates costly downtime from replacing radiator cores


  • Specify as “standard” or “optional” value-added component
  • Specify anytime equipment is used in high sand/dirt/debris site conditions having blower fan arrangement
  • Standard product consists of 40″ x 40″ and 48″ x 48″ kits, which include u-edging finish trim for perimeter