Solutions that keep engines cool.

Designing cooling packages and components to meet unique specifications and keep engines thermally effective is one of our specialties. By fully understanding the needs of each customer, API Heat Transfer is able to offer a broad spectrum of components and complete engine systems designed to fit the needs of engine markets around the world – whether mobile or stationary, on land or in the water, in a plant or underground.

Locomotive radiators encounter severe shock loads with extensive vibration over non-stop operation. Operating site conditions can vary widely over short time spans, putting tremendous stress loads on the cooling system. For these heavy-duty needs, API Heat Transfer has just the right solutions. We’ve been providing our premium mechanically bonded radiators to the domestic and international rail industries for more than a quarter century. And our highly reliable radiators have a proven track record of providing a low total cost of ownership and long service life.

We also offer a complete line of oil coolers, intercooler replacements, and standard EMD and GE cores, all in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

On-highway vehicles experience a multitude of varying site conditions and duty classes. Understanding how these factors influence a particular cooling system is key to designing a solution that meets each customer’s specific requirements. That’s why we’re proud to offer high-performance, reliable cooling systems for a variety of on-highway specialty applications.

API Heat Transfer utilizes the latest technology in heat exchanger design, tailored specifically to satisfy the extreme requirements of the mining industry. Mining equipment is designed to face the toughest challenges on earth, which is why we provide solutions that last. Our customers can be confident when working with us to optimize engine cooling module design, incorporating radiator, charge air cooler, and oil cooler components.

We understand that military personnel operate in the most demanding environments and under the most grueling conditions. With more than 20 years of experience serving our troops on platforms like the Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV), we have the expertise needed to ensure they receive the most durable and reliable cooling systems available. Our optimal solutions serve combat vehicles and equipment – including radiators, oil coolers, and charge air coolers. And every product is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

We have a long tradition of providing cooling systems for some of the most demanding specialty construction and material handling applications in the world. Our product range includes pre-engineered and custom individual coolers and engine cooling modules that come in both aluminum and copper constructions and many core configurations. For tight space constraints, we offer down-flow or cross-flow designs. This design flexibility allows us to optimize the right cooling solution for you, in a lightweight, rugged, and efficient package.

We provide rock-solid solutions that give customers in the construction business peace of mind. Our high-performance, reliable cooling systems are used for a variety of mobile off-highway markets, including construction. Our experience spans everything from lattice boom cranes to small vibratory compactors.

We provide high-quality, reliable cooling systems for a variety of agriculture and forestry applications. Our experience spans everything from severe-duty logging equipment to small brush chippers, and our high-efficiency, non-clogging fin cooling modules offer a compact, robust design that requires minimal maintenance. As a valued customer, you can feel confident knowing we’ll provide a world-class cooling package that’s the most durable option available.

Heat transfer solutions for mobile equipment.

Our engine cooling solutions for off-highway and on-highway mobile equipment applications will keep you moving forward. We’re proud that API Heat Transfer is recognized as the preferred heat exchanger supplier for some of the world’s most recognized construction and engine equipment manufacturers, and we’ll work tirelessly with your team to engineer a solution that meets your specifications, minimizes weight, conforms to your vehicle’s space limitations and working environment, and satisfies the cooling demands of increasingly stringent emissions requirements.

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