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Plate & Shell

Schmidt® SIGMASHELL All-Welded Plate & Shell Heat Exchanger

Sealless and with a heat transfer surface area up to 700 m2, our SIGMASHELL laser-welded plate and shell heat exchangers are ideal for thermal treatment of liquid, vapor, and gas. SIGMASHELL is applicable in all industrial sectors, including chemical and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, renewable energies, bio energy, power generation, pulp and paper, steel mills, and coking plants. 

Operational limits. 

  • Operating pressures from vacuum to 150 bar 
  • Operating temperatures from -200°C to 550°C 
  • Viscosities up to 8,000 mPas


  • Available in all current plate materials
  • Shell construction: all-welded or accessible to one or two sides 
  • Multi-pass possible for shell and plate side
  • Calculations can be done for counter-current flow, co-current, and cross flow
  • Fishbone corrugation for high and low heat transfer characteristics