Heat transfer solutions for process industries.

Productivity is important in key commercial industries, but it often comes at a cost to environmental safety. That isn’t the case with API Heat Transfer products. We design high-performance solutions that can help with the clean, safe, and efficient management of industrial processes.

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Our areas of expertise.

Air separation

Typical applications

  • Compressor intercooler and aftercooler


Typical applications

  • Condensation of exhaust gas vapors, steam and multicomponent mixtures
  • Cooling and heating at extreme temperatures and pressures
  • Cooling and heating of acids and bases
  • Cooling and heating of all types of jumpable chemical products
  • Cooling of highly viscous products (i.e. latex)
  • Cooling of water circuits
  • Evaporation systems for sewage and waste solutions
  • Intermediate and economizer circuits with high temperature similarity (Δt <2°C)
  • Safety circuits to avoid contamination
  • Temperature control and condensation of solvents (i.e. toluene)

Metal processing

Typical applications

  • Cooling and coking plants or stripping water
  • Cooling of continuous casting plants
  • Cooling of cutting and grinding oil
  • Cooling of emulsions
  • Cooling of mold water
  • Cooling of machine cooling water
  • Cooling of oil or water quenching baths
  • Hydraulic oil cooling
  • Temperature control of drilling, milling and planning emulsions


Typical applications

  • Benzene heat recovery
  • Condensation of solvents and multicomponent mixtures
  • Cooling and heating of intermediate products
  • Cooling and heating of reactors and production vessels
  • Cooling of hydrocarbons
  • Cooling of water circuits
  • Heat recovery in petrochemical processes

Pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics

Typical applications

  • Concentration of alcoholic solutions and fats and oils
  • Condensation of solvents from production boilers
  • Consistent system separation of media in special safety heat exchangers
  • Cooling and heating of water for injection purposes (WFI) and ultra pure water
  • Cooling and heating for shampoos, shower gels, fabric softeners and liquid detergents
  • Cooling and heating with heat transfer oils for batch and mixing containers
  • Cooling of donor blood and plasma
  • Cooling of suspensions
  • Cooling of surfactants
  • Evaporation of water and aqueous solutions and alcohols
  • Evaporation systems for traditional Chinese medicine, medicinal herb extracts, tea, coffee and a variety of extracts
  • Thermal processing of essential oils
  • Thermal processing of infusion solutions

Our products for Pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics


Typical applications

  • Condensation of refrigerants
  • Cooling of circuits
  • Cooling of compressor oil
  • Decoupling of refrigeration from central refrigeration circuits
  • Evaporation of refrigerants

Surface coating

Typical applications

  • Baths
  • Heating and cooling of anodizing, degreasing, phosphating, chromatin, pickling, passivating, heat sealing and painting batches
  • Heating and cooling of products

Wastewater treatment

Typical applications

  • Evaporation and concentration of coffee waste water
  • Heat recovery systems for industrial wastewater
  • Preheating and cooling of industrial wastewater
  • Separation of solutions mixed with water such as ethanol / water
  • Evaporation and concentration of waste water from the treatment of animal by-products
  • Evaporation and concentration of wastewater from food production

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