Data Centers.

At API Heat Transfer, we know that efficiency and reliability are paramount when it comes to productivity and sustainability of data centers. We offer a variety of high-performance options for cooling all aspects of mission critical infrastructure and for utilization of waste heat recovery strategies. Our engineering expertise and manufacturing capability are ready to partner and develop the high-performance aluminum cooling solutions the future will demand.

Our areas of expertise.

Air Cooled

Typical applications

  • Open loop cooling isolation
  • Cooling tower interchanger
  • Cooling with water (well, lake, river, brackish, salt, gray)
  • Free cooling with air or water
  • Chiller bypass
  • Air Cooled chiller (ACC) coils
  • Liquid cooled chiller shell and tube heat exchangers
  • CRAC and CRAH cooling coils
  • In row and rear door cooling coils
  • Fan wall coils
  • Refrigerant cooling and condensation
  • Backup power genset on-engine and remote cooling
  • Waste heat recovery


Our products for Data Centers

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