Heat transfer solutions for industrial markets.

At API Heat Transfer, we know that efficiency and reliability are paramount when it comes to productivity in a variety of industrial markets. That’s why we use the latest technology to design and manufacture solutions for compressed air, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and more.

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Our areas of expertise.

Air dryers

Automotive plants

Typical applications

  • Cooling of hydraulic and hardening oils
  • Cooling of machine coolants
  • Engine test stands
  • Temperature control of surface treatment

Commercial shipbuilding

Typical applications

  • Central cooling of the main and auxiliary engines
  • Cooling of the engine water
  • Heating of heavy fuel oil or diesel oil
  • Heating of sea water for the production of drinking water
  • Lube oil cooling
  • Preheating of fuel
  • Treatment of circulating water for cylinder and generator cooling

Our products for Commercial shipbuilding

District heating and cooling

Typical applications

  • Decoupling of thermal energy in district heating transfer stations
  • Distribution of cold water in air conditioning systems
  • Heat recovery from product waste heat
  • Heating of domestic water
  • Heating of swimming pool water
  • System separation in solar energy systems
  • System separation of underfloor heating
  • Conversion of thermal energy in house heating transfer stations

Our products for District heating and cooling


Typical applications

  • Sytem separation condenser
  • Geothermal energy
  • Ground or water heat pumps
  • Building heat
  • Pressure separator
  • Thermal storage
  • Free cooling (replacement for cooling energy)

Our products for Industrial Markets

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