Heat transfer solutions for industrial markets.

At API Heat Transfer, we know that efficiency and reliability are paramount when it comes to productivity in a variety of industrial markets. That’s why we use the latest technology to design and manufacture solutions for compressed air, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and more.

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Our areas of expertise.

Air dryers

Warm, dry, compressed air is critical to many manufacturing processes. The presence of water or condensate in a compressed air stream can often lead to equipment damage, corrosion, premature wear, or total malfunction. Our refrigerant air dyers offer a cost-effective solution to reduce the moisture content while providing a stable continuous flow of warm, dry air.

Automotive plants

Automotive plants face many heat transfer challenges. From the machines that deform and bend materials for plate and plastic processing, to the presses used for manufacturing car body parts, the hydraulic oils required by those machines must be cooled with water. And to maximize the mechanical load-carrying capacity, certain construction parts must be thermally processed and hardened using oils. These quenching oils must be cooled, and the temperature level within the quenching baths must be maintained at as constant a level as possible.

Our SIGMA plate heat exchangers are used worldwide in the automotive industry because they are proven to handle these aspects of vehicle and equipment production and more.

Typical applications

  • Cooling of hydraulic and quenching oils
  • Cooling of machine coolants
  • Motor test stands
  • Tempering from surface treatment baths

Commercial shipbuilding

Plate heat exchangers have long been used in the engine rooms of container ships and cruise ships for a variety of cooling tasks. Our SIGMA plate heat exchangers – used on ships around the world – feature corrosion-proof materials, such as titanium, and support a complete range of seawater applications for commercial shipbuilding.

Typical applications

  • Central cooling of the main and auxiliary motors
  • Cooling of engine cooling water
  • Heating of heavy oil or diesel oil
  • Heating of seawater for fresh water generation
  • Lubricating oil cooling
  • Preheating of fuel
  • Preparation of circulating water for cylinder and generator cooling

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District heating and cooling

Our SIGMA plate heat exchangers are ideal for use in the main transfer stations of district heating networks, where high-energy transfers play a crucial role. House transfer stations for room or under-floor heating and industrial water heating generally call for smaller plate heat exchangers, which are sealed, soldered, or welded.

Typical applications

  • Decoupling of heat energy in district heating transfer stations
  • Distribution of cold water in environmental conditioning systems
  • Heat recovery from product waste heat
  • Heating of industrial water
  • Heating of swimming pool water
  • System separation in solar energy plants
  • System separation of under-floor heating
  • Transformation of heat energy in house-heating transfer stations


Today’s modern buildings must provide a comfortable interior environment for people while still offering high-efficiency systems to help protect our global ecosystem. For all your heating, cooling, or dehumidification applications, we can provide the right high-performance solution in custom and pre-engineered designs.

Typical applications

  • Condenser or system isolators
  • Geothermal
  • Ground-source or water-source heat pumps
  • Hydronic applications
  • Pressure interceptors
  • Thermal storage
  • Water-side economizers (free cooling)

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