Power generation heat transfer solutions.

At API Heat Transfer, we know the key to successful power generation is efficiency. That’s why we provide a broad range of custom and standard heat transfer solutions for both renewable and nonrenewable energy applications that can help you minimize downtime and get the most out of your production potential.

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Our areas of expertise.

Power generators

Power plant equipment

Typical applications

  • Atomizer air cooling
  • Cooling of compressors
  • Condensation of working fluids
  • Cooling of lubricating oil for gas turbine, steam turbine and wind turbine applications
  • Cooling of engine cooling water
  • Evaporation of working fluids
  • Deprivation of heat
  • Feed water heating
  • Gland steam condensation
  • Central power plant cooling
  • Process heating and cooling
  • Raw water heating
  • Re-cooling of cooling circuits

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