Air Cooled Systems

API Heat Transfer is your global source for air cooled solutions. We’re equipped to offer unparalleled air cooled performance to meet the rigorous requirements of mobile and industrial customers worldwide.

We offer an array of internal and external fin configurations that produce some of the most efficient air-cooled heat exchange cores in the industry, so your engine has more power to perform, even under the harshest conditions.

We focus our engineering expertise on the markets you serve. By understanding your customer applications, we’re able to offer a broad spectrum of components and complete engine cooling systems designed to fit the needs of engine markets across the world.

Our technologies.

API Heat Transfer offers the broadest, most complete air-cooled product lines available.

  • CAB or vacuum-brazed aluminum
    • Bar-plate
    • Micro-channel
    • Tube and header
    • TBAR
  • Copper-brass
    • Mechanical-bond
    • Soldered
    • Bolted tank

Airtech PCR

When warm, dry air is critical to the manufacturing process, air dryers are often installed as part of the plant’s compressed air system. One of the most common designs is a non-cycling direct expansion refrigerated air-dryer. API Heat Transfer has developed the PCR, or pre-cooler, cooler, reheater, designed specifically to meet the needs of the refrigerated air dryer market.

The PCR is a compact multi-section all-aluminum heat exchanger featuring a brazed bar & plate design. The PCR pre-cools the incoming air using the cold air exiting the refrigerant section. It then final cools the air in the refrigerant section at which point the air stream enters a separation chamber to allow the condensed moisture to fall out. Since the air is reheated in the regeneration section, the final humidity remains below 25%.

API Heat Transfer makes a range of standard sizes or can custom design specific range of PCRs to meet the demands of high-volume OEMs.

Standard model range

  • Models 1 through 6

Standard capacities

  • 76 SCFM to 600 SCFM

Integral separator

  • Optional

Power Converter Coolers

API Heat Transfer power converter coolers are a line of our Airtech Fan-Cooled Heat Exchangers, ideally suited for the cooling of wind turbine power conversion equipment. Our conversion coolers prevent inlet temperatures from exceeding maximum recommendations to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Conversion coolers feature our vacuum brazed all-aluminum construction, resulting in a bonded unitary core for unparalleled performance and cost-effectiveness in a rugged, compact, and lightweight package. Plus, our array of internal and external fin configurations allow us to select the right combination to maximize heat transfer while minimizing pressure drop, ensuring suitability for the cooler’s operating environment.

Parallel Flow Condensers

API Heat Transfer is a major supplier of all aluminum parallel flow condensers using extruded tubes. Brazed aluminum provides highly efficient, robust designs using lightweight all aluminum materials.