Aluminum Radiator Tubes

With walls as thin as 0.26 mm, we design radiator tubes with superior strength, performance, and cost-efficiency at a very compact size and drastically reduced weight. All our aluminum radiator tubes are HF-seam welded and made in our state-of-the-art facilities in Montgomery, Alabama, and Dortmund, Germany. Many of our tubes have been used by some of the world’s most respected engine manufacturers, from racing to complex industrial applications.

  • Profiles from 13 mm to 52 mm in tube height
  • Multiple-chambered, dimpled, and end-free tube technologies
  • Metal strip gauges as thin as 0.26 mm
  • A wide array of aluminum alloys available



For high-performance radiators and heater cores to increase the turbulence of the fluid and heat transfer by breaking the boundary layers inside the tubes.


Reduced core thickness for tighter space constraints, superior performance with less area, and increased mechanical stability for high-pressure applications.


For standard radiator headers, tubes can be manufactured with the form eliminated from the tube ends, offering no tube-to-header joint interruption and a superior leak-free brazing process.

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