COL Series


Thermal Transfer Products offers a full line of standard catalog hydraulic oil coolers for all industrial machine hydraulics for system cooling.

Industrial Hydraulic Oil Coolers Product Highlights

  • Ideal for independent cooling and filtering of system oils
  • Low to medium pressure applications utilizing low noise screw pump technology
  • Pump flows ranging 9.5 GPM to 45 GPM
  • Bar and plate Brazed Aluminum P-BAR core with optional T-BAR core
  • Standard SAE ports – NPT and BSPP port adapters available
  • Direct mount; no coupler or bell housing

Product Options

  • Cartridge-style filters
  • Plugged filter indicators
  • T-BAR core
  • Temperature sensors

Customer Focused and Driven

  • All catalog product is available with short lead-times
  • Expert application engineers are available to select and size the right product for your application
  • Custom designs are available

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RatingsMaximum Operating Pressure 250 PSI
Maximum Operating Temperature 300°F without filter
Maximum Operating Temperature 230°F with filter
Maximum Viscosity 150 cst (P-BAR), 320 cst (T-BAR)
MaterialsMounting Feet - Steel
Standard Core - Brazed Aluminum Plate
Tanks - 5052 Aluminum
Nose Bar and Little Bar - 3003-H Aluminum
Air Fin, Plate, Turbulator and End Plate - 3003-O Aluminum
Fanguard and Shroud - Steel
Connectors - Aluminum
Fan - Aluminum Hub, Plastic Blades
Motor - NEMA
Fluid CompatibilityPetroleum
Water/ethylene glycol
Cutting oils
Water-oil emulsions
Water-Ethylene Glycol emulsions
Mineral oil HLP and HLVP
Ecologic fluids HETG-HEPG-HEE
Lubrication high viscosity oils
MIL-H, SKYDROL/HFDR phosphate ester (Standard pump seals are not compatible with phosphate ester. Special pumps with EPDM seals are required.)

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