Copper-Brass Radiators

Copper-Brass Radiators

Our durable and versatile line of copper-brass heat exchanger technology can be applied to any set of operating conditions and is available in a wide range of sizes and types.


With thousands of our Bolted Plate-Fin radiators in the field, you won’t find anyone with a better track record of reliability and customer loyalty. 

  • Pre-engineered or custom engineered to your exact specifications
  • Wide product range
  • Sizes from 3 sq. ft. to 120 sq. ft.
  • Dimpled tubes provide superior performance
  • High-efficiency louvered or clog resistant non-louvered fins
  • Variety of heavy duty core types designed for any environment
  • LF-20 lead free construction for long, worry-free service
  • Hemmed Fins provides durability and maximum up-time


When you need a high performance, cost competitive core with a durable bolted-tank design, our Bolted Serpentine-Fin radiators hit the mark.

We introduced our Bolted Serpentine cores as a cost competitive alternative to our traditional bolted plate-fin cores.  Like our plate-fin line, our serpentine cores are built tough and provide enhanced heat transfer performance.

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Pre-engineered or custom engineered to your exact specifications
  • Wide product range
  • Dimpled tubes provide superior performance
  • High-efficiency louvered cores suited for stationary gensets
  • Variety of core types to fit your application
  • LF-20 lead-free construction for long, worry-free service


By forming a permanent mechanical bond joint between the tubes and steel header, we’ve created the ultimate in copper-core technology. 

  • Tubes are robotically expanded and rolled into a steel tube sheet
  • Thermal expansion design reduces tube stress
  • Rolled tube to header joint provides a long life mechanical bond
  • Ideal for high shock and vibration applications
  • Ideal for sub-zero temperature site conditions and consequential thermal shock
  • High performance dimpled fins provide maximum performance
  • The “Gold-Standard” for rail locomotive applications

Options and accessories

We source all ancillary components and combine them into a single, 100% compatible package, saving you time and effort in design, procurement, and installation of these components.

  • Optional galvanized steel and heat exchanger coatings provide enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Safe and durable fan, belt, and radiator core guards
  • Fan shrouds
  • Integrated fans and fan-drive components
  • Electric and hydraulic motors
  • Anti-recirculation baffles
  • Hoses
  • Coolant recovery tanks
  • Level sensors and switch gages

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