Basco® Hairpin Heat Exchangers

A hairpin design is often more thermally efficient than a traditional shell and tube, which results in a lower up-front cost and lower overall weight. Our experienced designers and engineers can meet any custom cooling requirement.

Removable Bundle Types.

Separated Closure Double Pipe: Type SCDP

  • Employs the industry’s most widely used separated head features
  • Shell side and tube side closures are separately bolted through, ideal for applications involving wide temperature or pressure differences between the shell and tube side fluids
  • In cyclic service, separately gasketed closures are more leak resistant compared to shell and tube designs
  • Separate shell and tube side seal configuration. This makes the tube bundle easy to remove, clean and replace.
  • Well suited for large imbalance of flow on shellside
  • Long fins are used to achieve high thermal performance with minimal pressure drop

Common Closure Hairpin: Type CC

  • Single bolted closure design. Ideal for applications involving low design temperature or pressure differences between the shell and tube side fluids
  • Enjoys the maintenance advantages of a Separated Closure Hairpin (Type SC)
  • The center ring keeps the shell gasket seated during the removal of the tube head for inspection or service

Non-Removable Bundle Types.

All-Welded Hairpin: Type AW

  • More cost effective design when removable bundle is not required
  • Fixed tubesheet design

Jacketed Pipe: Type JP

  • Most economical solution for any heat transfer application
  • Fixed tubesheet design

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Performance Notes

  • Ideal for applications that require high thermal performance and a compact footprint
  • True countercurrent flow allows for a close temperature approach between the shell side and tube side fluids, as well as a temperature cross
  • Removable bundles are available in two closure options, separated or common, for required cleaning on both the shell and tube sides
  • Non-removable bundles are the cost-effective option when a fixed tubesheet design is feasible
  • Wide temperature differentials are handled without an expansion joint
  • Ease of maintenance with a long radius U-bend
  • All connections are at one end of the heat exchanger
  • Sizes up to 60 in. (150 cm) in diameter and 480 in. (1200 cm) in length
  • Materials include carbon steel, 300 series stainless steel, Duplex stainless steel, copper alloy, chrome-moly alloys, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, 254 SMO, alloy clad/weld overlay
  • Designed and fabricated per ASME, TEMA, CRN, PED, CML


  • Oil and Gas
  • Process Industries
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical

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