Remote Cooling Kits

Remote Cooling Kits

Due to the constraints of space and because of thermal considerations in many environments, an increasing number of commercial power generation installations require the cooling equipment to be remotely located from the generator room.

The kits can be cooled by a separate secondary water source, such as a cooling tower or remote radiator, and can be offered to withstand the secondary water source up to 160 meters above the engine. This makes them ideal for cooling engines situated in the basement of tall buildings, where the radiators need to be on the roof.

Base-frame mounted remote cooling kits consist of:

  • Water-cooled charge air coolers
  • Jacket water heat exchangers
  • CCW and JW header tanks
  • All pipework to the engine (jacket water optional)
  • A fuel cooler can also be added, if required
  • Coolant circulation pump for remote radiator loop can also be provided

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